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They Love Me, They Love Me Not

Ah, February! . . . the month of Valentine’s Day and love. Wouldn’t it be great if every employee could proclaim this mug’s message? For those employees who do, here are 28 reasons they shared why:

  1. Even when the day is on fire, she always makes time for me.

  2. I can come to him and speak about anything.

  3. My boss insists that I am given the credit for all the work I do.

  4. Even if he’s having a bad day, he doesn’t take it out on the team.

  5. They treat me like a human being.

  6. She lets me have a voice in the way I meet my goals.

  7. He doesn’t care when, how, or where I get my work done. Only that I give it my all and deliver on time.

  8. My boss gives me honest and constant feedback both positive and constructive.

  9. Has my back, especially if something goes wrong.

  10. She makes sure we go home on time, doesn’t email us on the weekend, and insists we take vacations.

  11. I love my boss because he challenges me to grow. I can’t believe how much I’m learning in this role.

  12. She says, ‘thank you.’

  13. He’s available to answer questions and give advice.

  14. They keep me in the loop with the big picture going on in the organization.

  15. He actually cares, really cares about our well-being.

  16. I feel like what I do matters. She respects my contributions even when they don’t always pan out, my boss always appreciates my efforts.

  17. For the first time, I have a boss that trusts me to do my job!

  18. He intentionally and mindfully listens.

  19. They collect all the facts before reacting or making decisions.

  20. Everyone on my team is treated fairly.

  21. We celebrate even the small wins.

  22. She owns her mistakes and isn’t afraid of being vulnerable. I love how real my boss is.

  23. My boss personalizes little surprises- he knew I liked a particular candy bar. On my desk one morning, one appeared with a simple sticky note that said, “You’re the best” I will never forget that gesture.

  24. He doesn’t just tell me what to do but helps me figure it out for myself.

  25. She lets me be me.

  26. He is human and treats us like humans.

  27. He always looks to the positive. Instead of beating me up emotionally, he’ll say, ‘what can we learn from this’, help me fix it, and moves on.

  28. She asks for feedback and actually does something with it.

How are you measuring up with each of these characteristics? The list just happens to be the exact number of days in February 2023. (No, it’s not a leap year). Use these responses as a tip for each day to express respect, kindness, appreciation, and caring to your people. They will love you for it.

Dr. Merrylue Martin is President and CEO of the Job Joy Group and best-selling author of the Big Quit Survival Guide. To learn more, visit


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