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The Big Quit Survival Guide

Big Quit Survival Guide Cover.jpeg

Tools and Tactics to Nail the Talent War

The rules of employee engagement have drastically changed, and people leaders everywhere are exhausted trying to stay ahead of the game. If you are still working from last year’s playbook, the best and the brightest workers will continue to flee (that is, if you can even hire them). 


Organizations are tired of hearing they need to change, it’s the step by step HOW do it that they are desperate for.


The BIG QUIT Survival Guide is your lifeline to the new rules of engagement. Everything you will need to overcome the Great Resignation is all here:

  • Find out how to retain your best people (and it’s not just about money).

  • Learn how to wow the best new hires (hint: they want to be understood as people first).

  • Deal with the challenges of remote and hybrid workers because WFH is here to stay.

  • Access over 30 printable Survival Tactics to immediately act upon now!

  • Use the 3-R Scale to see if your company’s Requirements outweigh the Rewards and Respect employees seek—and ensure that scale tips in your favor.

This book does the heavy lifting for you, so you can get this employee retention weight off your shoulders and get back to concentrating on your job. It’s all laid out for you in executable action plans designed for anyone leading people, from new supervisors to seasoned CEOs. 

Get this book to stop guessing and wasting resources on what you hope will work.

What Business Leaders Are Saying:

“The timing of this book couldn’t be better. Merrylue Martin doesn’t just tell leaders what is needed to engage and keep their top performers, she provides an amazing set of tools on HOW to do it.”

Daniel Galster

Sr. Manager, Charles Schwab

“Dr. Martin has had a profound impact on thousands of people leaders nationwide during her career. She has a unique perspective on what causes turnover and, more importantly, what to do about it. Her book is a gift to any leader looking to survive the great resignation!”

John Boyens

Co-Founder/President, Boyens Group Inc.

“Merrylue Martin’s humor, down-to-earth style, and master storytelling will capture the reader, and are but a few of the attributes that make her a sought-after leadership guru. Her first-hand practical knowledge will help any leader attract, motivate, and retain top performers, and best of all, her lessons can be put into action DAY ONE!”

Kimberly Jackson

Chief of Staff, City Attorney’s Office, City of San Jose, California

“It’s simple, yet complex. In order for employees to want to stay in a job, they need to feel their employer respects their physical, emotional, financial, and social health.  In The BIG QUIT Explosion, Merrylue Martin demonstrates the importance of this and how employers can effectively make it happen.”

Ed Bray

Sr. Director, HR, Ross Stores, Inc., and  author of Hello, Job Search and Hello, Career

Big Quit Survival Guide Cover.jpeg

The Big Quit Survival Guide

Pick up a copy today on Amazon!

Find out how to retain your best people, learn how to wow the best new hires and deal with the challenges of remote and hybrid workers, AND access over 30 printable Survival Tactics to immediately act upon now!

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