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The Looming Great Layoff

There has been a lot of movement especially in the tech sector lately as large corporations aim to level-set a season of over-hiring with a significant workforce reduction. As questions arise about a potential recession or not, we may see this reduction trend spreading to other industries as well. While no one has a crystal ball that can accurately predict the future economic climate we do know one thing for sure, now is the time more than ever to keep your top performers.

Top performers are the lifeline to holding a business together especially in a downtime. Not only do they have the emotional intelligence and psychological maturity to weather the storm, but they also typically bring a multitude of skills that can fill in the gaps layoffs may create. Beware of layering unnecessary weight onto top performers as responsibilities shift or get added on. They already provide value above what is expected and are the most vulnerable to burnout. Showing respect and keeping them engaged is more critical than ever.

It’s our top performers who have the power to make or break our sustainable success. Losing any good employee in the best of times is challenging enough but losing a top performer in the worst of times can prove fatal.

Merrylue Martin is the author of The Big Quit Survival Guide. The book describes how to retain your best people, how to wow the best new hires and deal with the challenges of remote and hybrid workers, and gives you access over 30 printable Survival Tactics to immediately act upon!


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